Red Reflet Ranch … it’s brand

13 04 2011

Visiting Red Reflet Ranch, one will see on cattle, equipment, and clothing, the original patented brand of two R’s reversed back-to-back, sitting atop a rectangle.
The symbol represents Red Reflet Ranch, sitting atop a rim and water table.  Every ranch owner strives for a logo that is unique in design and meaningful, and can be easily identified from other cattle in the field or stockyard.

The process of branding dates back to early Egyptian times, with the intent being verified ownership of livestock.

Under the watchful supervision of Harry Mills, and skilled wrangler abilities of Clay Trollinger and his crew, the ranch held its first brandings on Monday April 11 in the arena, and Tuesday at the Cattle Center.  Guests shared in the work as cows and calves were rounded up by horseback, and carefully vaccinated, recorded, and branded with the Red Reflet Rand brand.  There will be several more brandings and if you want to be part of the action, call and get an idea when they will occur this season.  Of course the first brandings led into the first Cantina which signaled the beginning of our “Guest Season”. A great spread of char grilled steak, chicken, home cured pork-belly, ranch beans, biscuits, and salad, was enjoyed by guests, staff and nieghbors, by campfire under the balmy evening skies.




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