Sandhill cranes dance at the Red Reflet

22 03 2011

Our resident pair of Sandhill Cranes allowed intrepid photographer (Laurence) an up close and personal view of their Sunday afternoon time in the sun. These beautiful birds are on their spring migration from Mexico to northern Canada, Alaska and some even to Siberia. While our friends in Nebraska see hundreds of thousands of Sandhills during the migration when they stay by the North Platte river, we at Red Reflet are happy to enjoy this pair.

Sandhill cranes amazing mating performance
I will always protect you!
Mating dance

One legged Cha-Cha dance

I know I saw something!




One response

26 03 2011
Richard Herb

Just watching their grace can lower the blood pressure! Add the backdrop of the Ranch, and it is almost Nirvana during stress filled days. Great PICS!

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