Over the river and through the hills to winter pastures they go!

8 12 2010

It is the first week of December here at the Ranch, and a clear day, in spite of an ominous wide ring around the sun, gave the near 20 mile cattle drive to the Badlands a big boost.  The vegetation on the deeded sections of grazing pasture was yellow, wispy, and abundant.  The deep well flowed fresh water into the tanks.  The draws and hills will offer shelter from the December weather until later in January when the cows will return to the ranch.

Our black Angus leaving the ranch ...

All went well under the supervision of Harry Mills, and watchful eyes and horsemanship of Clay and Tammy, and cowboys John, Clint, Matt, and of course Franklin and Ruby the cattle dogs.  A good thing too, because the very next day, as per the sun’s wide, foreboding ring, brought a steady snowfall and chill winds.

Slowly but surely ...




4 responses

9 12 2010
Nichole Bedtka

this looks so beautiful, never seen anything like this before…..they went 20 miles in one day with the cows, just unbelievable!

10 12 2010

way to go dad!!!! and everyone else

14 12 2010
Tammy Trollinger

Everything went better than planned, which doesn’t happen very often with cows and Wyoming weather!

22 01 2011
Nichole Bedtka

just beautiful!

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