Winter Stacks….

11 11 2010

It is November; the ranch breathes a cold silence under the frost and snow.  Looking to the grey skies over the Big Horns, one knows that more snow is coming this way and a quick look around Red Reflet shows the hard work of the year neatly stacked, stored, or simmering on the stove.  The stacks of firewood will be carried by the armloads to the lodge hearth. The stored hay and grains are ready for the horses and cattle to feed on long into the Spring, as needed.  The smell of simmering stock, wafts through the kitchen and dining room, some to be savored now, and more to be frozen for those delicious soups during Guest Season.   There is a certain contentment that comes upon glancing and knowing that the winter stacks and stores will do their “duties” as the snows fall.




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