Fall’s roundup underway amidst warm and sunny skies!

4 11 2010

Harry Mills riding in his Kubota behind the herd, looked up at the clear blue sky on November 2, shook his head and said……”Gollllleee…I can’t believe this weather!  Just look at that alfalfa field. Not even a heavy frost yet!  Unbelievable!”

But, for the wranglers, the lack of blowing snows, freezing temperatures, and staying dry and warm under layers of flannel, until the herds were moved to winter pastures, was just fine.  FINE.

 With a few exceptions, the rounding up of Red Reflet Ranch’s cows and calves is going quite smoothly.  Harry and Mark, Clay and Tammy, Clint, John, Matt and an assortment of guests and others, rode many long hours, and many weary miles over the hills and through the draws.  Many of you reading this blog know well, their skills and labors as you were saddled up next to them.

Ann & Mikey 'looking for cows"

Ann & Mikey “looking for cows”…

Harry found his grand-daughter, but no cows…

Cows are found…

Where are those cows?




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