The Garden’s Bounty

27 10 2010

Barb Lee, our gardener finished off our produce year with some of the tastiest and healthiest vegetables ever, and now the soil goes to rest until spring. A garden’s bounty that was simply delicious but now it’s nearly done thanks to an early frost and our first snow!

tomatoes from the Garden at Red Reflet Ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming

Bountiful Assortment of tomatoes!

So the tomatoes are tired, the corn’s now complete,  yet we can find a few straggler squashes and some beets growing beneath, we’ve still carrots a plenty, broccoli by the bunch and potatoes deep down.  Some lettuce, endive, cabbages, collards and greens, can be found, while Rosemary the cat plays in between.

Cauliflower, squash, cantelope, artchokes etc

More vegetables!

Winter brings new challenges to the task of gardening.  Composting, cultivating, mulching and such. Then, seeds need to be started, and hardier ones set in the greenhouse.  The orchard will need some special attention after last year’s heavy winds.  The cycles of Nature are constant, and demand our care and attention if we hope to harvest its rewards.

Beautiful yellow crooked squash

Amazing colors!




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