Of Mice or Elk

27 10 2010

One of our recent families at the Ranch was the Van Nieuwkoop family from the Netherlands. After a stay in August they left to continue their exploration of the western states, especially Yellowstone and the Tetons.  With still several months to go on their year-long American holiday, they held a family meeting to decide what they would like to do next.

They narrowed their choices down to a trip to Disneyland, filled with rides that go up and down or round and round, and people stuffed in oversized mouse or duck costumes. Or, a return trip to Red Reflet’s real life Adventureland with hikes and horses, roping, shooting, four wheelers and dusty roads, people who are dressed like the real people they are, and the sounds and sights of hundreds of Elk parading across the ridges of the ranch and mountain trails.

It took one quick question for Bram, Gijs & Boris – “Which shall it be?” to get one unanimous answer for the Van Nieuwkoop family to decide……..”Back to the Ranch!”

Practicing surfing at Castle Gardens before leaving for Australia!





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