raw milk

5 03 2010

We were recently gifted with two gallons of raw cow’s milk.  After skimming the cream for the most lovely addition to morning coffee, Laurence brought out her yogurt maker and cheese maker and got down to the real business of the day. Both processes are fairly easy, straight-forward and not time-consuming.  Twelve hours of actual processing time and a night of cooling and we were able to taste the product of these easy labors.  Fresh yogurt, without all the sugars, preservatives, and pasteurization found in commercial varieties, was delightful: light, cream-topped, and just slightly tangy. It tasted fresh; untampered with. The cheese, a simple “fromage blanc” (or white cheese) was also light and crumbly, in need of a little aging before it would be good crumbled on eggs or spread on fresh baguettes.

Raw milk is something only shared between neighbors and close friends.  It is an outlaw of the food industry, which makes it just that much more appealing out here in the wild west. Hope some more finds its way to us…




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