Calving at the Red Reflet Guest Ranch

23 02 2010
newborn Angus calf at the Red Reflet Ranch

Angus Cow with her first Calf!

Calving is now well underway at the Red Reflet Ranch, a working cattle ranch and Guest Ranch! Our coming two year old Heifers have already have had more than two dozen calves and we are expecting 53! It is always beautiful to watch how Mother Nature tells that first time Mother cow how important it is to clean and lick dry the sack off her calf. This bonds the mother and calf and within just a few minutes, she urges the calf to his feet! It soon wobbles over and sorts out the milk bag from the brisket and bangs its head on the udders to begin the let down-reflex for her milk! Like all babies, the first few days are sleep and eat. Within a week, the calves begin to romp with other calves and in 10 days or 2 weeks, can run at a pretty good pace! Born at about 75 lbs, they nurse long and hard gaining 2 to 3 pounds per day! Either Harry, Kyle, Clay, Matthieu or pinch-hitters from the rest of the staff are with them 24/7. Our older cows will begin calving next month. Brandings are scheduled in April and May.

newborn Angus calf at the red reflet ranch in ten sleep wyoming

Contented Steer Calf




4 responses

23 02 2010
Tammy Trollinger

Awww, how cute!

Kyle and Harry sure looked tired at the company lunch today. 😦

23 02 2010

No kidding .. I was worried .. Harry had called me telling me he wasn’t feeling well! Kyle was falling asleep as he ate!

23 02 2010
Chris, Pam and Kids

Can’t wait to get back next year…..We had so much fun and the kids were thrilled to see a farm in action….Thank you… Great hospitality and such a lot of fun for the kids……How lucky you are to live there….Such a dream.
Chris and Pam

2 08 2010

I never thought a post can be so interesting and enjoyable. I like it very much. I’ll keep it in my favorites.

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