Red Reflet Ranch … it’s brand

13 04 2011

Visiting Red Reflet Ranch, one will see on cattle, equipment, and clothing, the original patented brand of two R’s reversed back-to-back, sitting atop a rectangle.
The symbol represents Red Reflet Ranch, sitting atop a rim and water table.  Every ranch owner strives for a logo that is unique in design and meaningful, and can be easily identified from other cattle in the field or stockyard.

The process of branding dates back to early Egyptian times, with the intent being verified ownership of livestock.

Under the watchful supervision of Harry Mills, and skilled wrangler abilities of Clay Trollinger and his crew, the ranch held its first brandings on Monday April 11 in the arena, and Tuesday at the Cattle Center.  Guests shared in the work as cows and calves were rounded up by horseback, and carefully vaccinated, recorded, and branded with the Red Reflet Rand brand.  There will be several more brandings and if you want to be part of the action, call and get an idea when they will occur this season.  Of course the first brandings led into the first Cantina which signaled the beginning of our “Guest Season”. A great spread of char grilled steak, chicken, home cured pork-belly, ranch beans, biscuits, and salad, was enjoyed by guests, staff and nieghbors, by campfire under the balmy evening skies.


Sandhill cranes dance at the Red Reflet

22 03 2011

Our resident pair of Sandhill Cranes allowed intrepid photographer (Laurence) an up close and personal view of their Sunday afternoon time in the sun. These beautiful birds are on their spring migration from Mexico to northern Canada, Alaska and some even to Siberia. While our friends in Nebraska see hundreds of thousands of Sandhills during the migration when they stay by the North Platte river, we at Red Reflet are happy to enjoy this pair.

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8 03 2011

Our first branding of the year is scheduled for mid-April! Let us know if you want to come …


Branding 2010

Team work!

Roping for branding

Catch me if you can ...



Magaroo ….

8 03 2011

Taking the dogs for a walk with an Australian friend is always fun …. but we’ve noticed that Maggie has picked up some rabbit hunting tricks from the coyotes as well as thinking she should impress our Australia friend Alison, with some Kangaroo tricks! When a coyote wants to try to get a rabbit from under the snow, it jumps and pushes its nose into the snow as it lands to try and push down into the rabbit burrow.

So … was Maggie hunting or trying to impress Alison? …. what do you think?

Flying Magaroo

Watch out Kenzie!

Magaroo Pouncing

I Hope I don't miss that landing!

Welcome Princess!

21 02 2011

In the last post, we mentioned the pool we set up for our first calf of the season. Five dollars bought a 12 hour spot and winner of the pool also earned naming rights. Years of experience with the calving didn’t help the guys guess the right date for the arrival of our first little bundle of joy – it was all up to good luck. The best news is that staff made wise use of the funds and invested in some refreshing beverages down at the saloon.

first calf, funds, wyoming, "red reflet"

We spent it very wisely

And here she is, our little heifer named Princess. She now has several brothers and sisters, but as the first heifer of the season, she will always be very special.

black angus, first calf, wyoming, red reflet

No tiara, but she does get an ear tag

Winners are grinners!

16 02 2011
TOUCHDOWN!! Packers win!


You might have heard by now, but just in case you missed it… the Packers won the Superbowl! And nobody was more excited than Nichole, who could be heard cheering all the way back in Wisconsin.

All the staff had a great time at the Superbowl Sunday party at the Lodge. We even started a pool, but were betting on which day the first calf would be born, not the winner of the football. We’ll tell you more about that in the next post.

Fence oversight…….literally!

8 12 2010

In addition to the previous blog on “over the rivers and through the hills”,  there is the matter of fence inspection and gate closures over the vast grazing lands.  To this end the sky cowboys, Anthony and John used Laurence’s hand made helicopter for aerial inspection prior to the cattle reaching their winter turf.  Combined with all the other workers, horses, machinery, and hours involved, it is little wonder that everyone could use a little R & R at RRR.